Capture, share, and collaborate in immersive 3D 

Generating interest and new sales will be key over the rest of 2020 and Limitless-VR has the tech to help you.
Our new service includes the following:
  • 3D scan of a premises - houses, apartments, events spaces and more
  • 360 and VR walkthroughs
  • Still pictures (optional extra)
  • Intro videos (optional extra)

Your potential clients will be able to take a virtual tour on a smartphone, tablet or pc at their own pace and also be able to measure any aspect of the scan e.g. width of corridors; size of furniture etc.. We think this will be of great use and will help reduce the number of initial visits before a sale. During this time of social distancing this will be a great advantage for all in reducing any potential health risks.

Other benefits include:


  • Increased engagement
  • Decrease in the number of days on the property market
  • More efficient use of your time by reducing the number of customers appointments
  • Streamlines decision making by prospective tenants, buyers and investors
Prices start from £90 for a small premises e.g. 2 bed apartment.
Featured article on BBC News 04/08/20

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