Live Life Limitlessly Each Week.......

We get up to loads of awesome stuff every week including VR, retro gaming, special offers and great music from our talented local DJs.


We are gearing up for more events in our basement V-Bar including our monthly 'SNAPBACK' alternative parties and the SEEOUR7 sessions!


The bar selection is getting bigger and more diverse every week as we feature more of our favorite craft beers, spirits and more mixology using our favorite TING!


Halloween Week

You Thought Real Life was Scary!

Creepy mode (15): 30mins for £10


- Affected: The Manor; Richies Plank 666; The Haunted Graveyard


Survival Mode (15): 30mins for £12


- Sneaky Bears; Five Nights at Freddy's


Zombie Mode (18): 60mins for £12


- Arizona Sunshine

Special Events & Promotions

VR Game Passes


No contract!


Buy a PASS and play for a reduced price - max. 2 hours gameplay a day. 

V-BAR: Events every weekend


Join us every week for our eclectic mix of parties......from 10pm to 3am

See individual events pages for details.

Wednesday night - FREE entry


V-Bar...doors open from 7pm. Come down earlier for 30% off any 60min VR package.

The CronxComedyClub join us every week for a barrel full of cheap beer and hilarious laughter!

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