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SkyFrontVR tournament every month from August!!!    £7.50 to enter!





SkyFront VR is a unique blend of a classic multiplayer FPS and complete freedom of movement possible only in VR.



Single or team death matches. Under and over 18 tournaments.



It's FORTNITE battled out in the skies! Cash prizes for the top 3 players......the more people that enter the bigger the prizes! So get your friends to sign-up today.....



Choose your weapons and blast away in omni-directional zero-gravity arenas.

Employ special abilities to gain the upper hand.

Master the grappling hook to pull off amazing midair manoeuvres!



Register and then get a FREE 30min practice session! Email or call us to book your practice session.



Come and compete against others in store!



Later in the tournament season we will organise an online inter-arcade tournament with the 'best of the best' SkyFront VR eSports champions! 

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