Awesome savings! PASSES for 14 or 30 Days

Option 1: Weekdays only


£27.50 for a 30 day - pass


Play Tues - Fri for only £7.50 per hour


If you play just 1 hour per week you could save £40 over 4 weeks when compared to our normal charge per hour

Option 2: Weekdays & Weekends


£35 for a 30 day - pass


Play Tues - Sun for only £8.50 per hour


That's an amazing saving of £50 if you play 1 hour per week  when compared to our Legendary package per hour.


Option 3: Two weeks


£22.50 for a 14 day - pass


Play Tues - Sun for only £8.50 per hour


You save after playing a couple of times.  

Additional Terms & Conditions

  • Pass is for a continuous period of either 14 or 30 days
  • Must be over 10 years old to play
  • Limitless-VR waiver form must be completed before you can play (Under 18 - a parent/gaurdian must complete this for you)
  • Maximum 2 hours of gameplay per day
  • The PASS cannot be used with any other promotions
  • For use by the PASS holder only
  • Each week you will be issued a coupon code so you can book online for the following week. This cannot be used with any other promotions.
  • Bookings subject to availability. Limitless-VR reserve the right to postpone any booking and will recommend an alternative time which is convenient to you. If an alternative is not available Limitless-VR will provide a full refund of a 1 or 2 hour booking.
  • Limitless-VR can cancel the PASS at anytime if it is not being used in accordance with these T&C's
  • This is in addition to our other T&C's
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