90min VR experiences

 GREAT VALUE: price is one headset for 90mins.

EPIC plus (PG) package - £27.99 (peak price)


Includes a large selection of our most popular single and multiplayer games.


LEGENDARY plus (15) package for an additional £7 per station.

60min VR experiences

Starter (PG) - £22.50

Come and try out some of our great VR games and experiences. This package gives you a taste of how good VR is and will leave you wanting more....

Epic (PG) - £24.50

The 'Starter' package plus a large selection of our most popular single and multiplayer games.

Legendary (15) - £27.50

Get access to all the games and experiences we have to offer in-store. Single, multiplayer and online VR - truly legendary!

Game of the Month

Pistol Whip is an unstoppable action-rhythm FPS. Journey through a cinematic bullet hell powered by a breakneck soundtrack to become the ultimate action hero legend.

Console Gaming Sofa Zones

Two medium pizza's to share plus a soft drink each.

£50 for one console for 2 hours for up to 6 players.


Two medium pizza's to share plus one soft drink each. Select from Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, 7UP, Ting, or bottled water.


Please Note that you have to be over 12 Years old if not accompanied by an adult


VR taster session - additional £7.50 for 20mins. In-store bookings only (subject to availability).

Staff favourites


Built from the ground up for VR, Raw Data’s action combat gameplay, intuitive controls, challenging enemies, and sci-fi atmosphere will immerse you within the surreal environments of Eden Corp.

Arizona Sunshine

Built exclusively for VR, Arizona Sunshine puts you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Handle weapons with real-life movements, freely explore a post-apocalyptic world, and put your survival skills to the test in VR.

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is the official trainer for wannabe space pirates on the HTC Vive. Pick up your blasters, put on your trainers, and get into the Space Pirate Trainer hall of fame.

Lightblade VR

Lightblade VR is a virtual reality training simulation for illuminated plasma blades. This is a childhood dream come true! Get trained by your personal robot and deflect all incoming laser beams!


Job Simulator

Kids love this game! In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the "Job Simulator" to learn what it was like to have a job.

Richie's plank experience

Are you afraid of heights? Take a lift to our plank that’s sits 160m high above the ground, then dare to walk to the end! An experience made for first-time VR users.

Elven Assassin

Take a bow and kill hordes of orcs in the epic town defense game. You can play alone to conquer the leaderboards or unite with other assassins in online co-op mode. PS. Be careful to avoid massive axes thrown at you by orc warriors.

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