London's Premier Virtual Reality (VR) & Gaming Centre. We're all naturally curious!


Our first fully air-conditioned VR Café & Bar is designed for an incredible customer experience. Rather than watching, step inside the experience instead with our immersive in-headset VR game launcher. Shot zombies, watch short films, music videos and create a 3D masterpiece. There’s something for everyone.

Let us take your reality to the next level

We're here to help you discover awesome VR



It's simple...we want to provide you with the best VR technology and accessories on the planet. We're a small business with a big idea to try and give you what you want...fantastic service and an unforgettable time.


Come along and enjoy the fun!


Multiplayer, single player or online


It's happening right now.


Who is it for?


VR can be played by anyone over a minimum age of 10 years old and for the best experience we suggest a minimum height of 4ft. We have a growing catalogue of experiences and enjoy hosting corporate events and parties! 




What happens at Limitless-VR?


When you visit us you will find a store where you will be stimulated by your surroundings before you immerse yourself in a new reality. Optical illusions, quirky design and artwork are there for you to enjoy before you start your VR adventure.

Co-op missions and Group bookings


Play on your own, with friends or against others online - because gaming together is altogether better. Every VR rig has a large screen TV so others can see what you are immersed in!





Room-scale VR


This offers you the best, high-end experience enabled by 360 degree motion tracking. This allows you to freely explore and interact with the virtual world. With room-scale VR, you can go anywhere and feel completely immersed by the experience.


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